Bayamón Municipio Death Certificates (Puerto Rico)

Hospitals in Bayamón Municipio, Puerto Rico provide a range of medical services to patients of all ages, and they also create death records for individuals who pass away or are declared dead at a Hospital. These death certificates list the deceased individual's name, the time and place of death, and age at death, and they may also include the cause of death. Bayamón Municipio Hospitals report death information to Puerto Rico State and local government authorities, which issue certified Bayamón Municipio death certificates that act as legal proof of death. Hospital death certificates may be available online through the Hospital website.

Centro Medico Correcional Bayamón PR Carr. 5 Ave Central Juanita Final 00960 787-488-9800

Doctors Center Hospital- Bayamon (Ant. Matildes Brenes) Bayamón PR Extension Hermanas Davila 00674 787-622-5420

Hima San Pablo - Bayamon Bayamón PR 70 Calle Santa Cruz 00960 787-620-4747

Hosp Hermanos Melendez Bayamón PR Route 2 Km 11-7 00960 787-620-8181

Hosp Universitario Dr Ramon Ruiz Arnau Bayamón PR Ave Laurel - Urb Santa Juanita 00956 787-787-5151

Puerto Rico Childrens Hospital Bayamón PR Carr. 2 Km 11.7 Interior Bo. Pajaros 00960 787-474-8282